Why Does NEFT Come in a Barrel?

You’ve probably noticed that NEFT Vodka’s packaging looks different from other vodka brands. In 2021, we even won a Platinum Packaging award from the Beverage Tasting Institute for “bottle creativity.” Our barrel is meant to be sleek and eye-catching — but we don’t just go for style without substance. The NEFT barrel was carefully designed with both people and the planet in mind. Here’s a quick look at how the barrel can elevate your vodka drinking experience, while also keeping an eye on sustainability.

Benefits of the Barrel

• Shatterproof packaging
• Lightweight/portable design
• Keeps vodka cold for 6 hours
• 3 barrel designs and 3 sizes (1 Liter, 750ml, 100ml)

The NEFT barrel wasn’t just designed to look good on a bar shelf (although it does look good on a bar shelf). It was created with adventures and new experiences in mind. Our metal barrels provide a rugged versatility you just can’t get with a glass bottle.

The iconic NEFT shatterproof barrel means no worrying about broken glass at the pool, or having to carefully transport your liquor vessel. It’s also lighter weight to carry around than a glass bottle; a 1-liter barrel of NEFT weighs less than 100 grams, while an average glass bottle of the same size weighs around 500 grams.

NEFT barrels also keep vodka chilled for up to 6 hours, so you can take that long hike to your campsite or doze off on a sandy beach somewhere, and your vodka will still be nice and cool when you’re ready to drink it.

NEFT is always ready to go wherever you go, and our 100ml mini barrels are the perfect travel companion. Our minis are 100ml which is the limit for air-travel liquids. Just toss a few in your carry-on bag and enjoy a celebratory NEFT Vodka when you arrive at your destination. Cheers!

Practical for the Planet

• Recyclable (and upcyclable)
• Smaller carbon footprint
• Uses 90% less energy to recycle than glass

NEFT prioritizes sustainability in all efforts, so the barrel design also reflects our eco-friendly approach. The NEFT Vodka metal barrels are around 5x lighter than glass bottles. That means we can transport more vodka using less fuel, reducing our carbon footprint.

neft Clouds

Plus, light metals like the tinplate used in NEFT Vodka barrels use 90% less energy to recycle than glass. Not only can you recycle NEFT barrels, you can do so knowing they’re being broken down efficiently.

Prefer to hang onto your barrel once you finish off your vodka? They’re great for upcycling! Turn your empty NEFT barrel into a planter, a utensil caddy, a desktop wastebasket, a knickknack storage space…the possibilities are endless. (And if you do get creative with your barrel, feel free to share with us on social @neftvodkaus!)

Ready to elevate your taste and experience the benefits of the barrel for yourself? Find NEFT Vodka near you now.