The History Behind NEFT Vodka: How Austrian Tradition Shapes Our Quality Spirit

Brewing and distilling techniques have shifted, grown, and changed in many ways over centuries of practice around the world. But did you know the superior quality and character of NEFT Vodka comes directly from our Austrian roots?

The Bavarian region of Central Europe where we craft NEFT embraces one of the world’s oldest beverage purity laws, as well as a culture of sustainable farming and agriculture refined over hundreds of years. This local commitment to producing the highest quality spirits is one we’ve adopted as a tenet of our brand.

Here’s a peek inside the history of Reinheitsgebot and its influences on modern brewing and distillation, including NEFT Vodka.

A historic commitment to quality

Reinheitsgebot, often referred to as the “German beer purity law,” was enacted over 500 years ago in 1516. The original decree addressed three issues facing Bavarian brewers and consumers at the time: the rising cost of beer; the competition between bakers and brewers for wheat; and the addition of certain questionable ingredients as flavorings or preservatives.

Prior to the adoption of Reinheitsgebot, some brewers incorporated a wide variety of ingredients into their beers, including toxic and hallucinogenic herbs like henbane, belladonna, and wormwood. In addition, the heavy use of grains like wheat in beer production had begun to drive up prices for bread, as bakers found their grain supplies impacted by brewers. To curb these issues, Bavaria created an official regulation on beer ingredients.

Reinheitsgebot established that beer could only be brewed from three ingredients: water, barley, and hops. (Yeast was later added as an acceptable fourth ingredient, once its chemical significance to fermentation became clear.) Essentially, the law served as an early version of what we now think of as quality control and food safety regulations. Its strict guidelines — still in place today — mean beers cannot be brewed with artificial flavors or colors, special stabilizers, or preservatives.

While the United States has some regulations to ensure alcohol is safe to consume, it does not have anything resembling a comparative purity law. Today, many beers and spirits manufactured in the US contain ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and glycerin to modify flavor and make them cheaper to produce. This is why you will likely notice a difference in flavor when sampling beer and spirits abroad.

Holding NEFT to the highest standard

NEFT is proud to call Bavarian Austria home, and happily abides by these strict purity laws. Most importantly, it aligns with our core value of doing things the right way. Locals have spent centuries honing the craft of distillation, and thus infuse the area’s rich character and heritage in everything produced.

From its crystal-clear mountain spring water to its lush landscapes filled with grain fields, Austria uses its natural resources to provide people with incredible spirits. With NEFT you can taste the difference of a spirit produced in an area that deeply values its longstanding tradition of crafting the highest quality spirits.

Brewers around the world taut that they are in accordance with Reinheitsgebot because they know people recognize it as a mark of quality. This cultural commitment to crafting a quality drink is especially felt in Central Europe, where Reinheitsgebot has its roots. Beer and spirits that value simple, natural, locally sourced ingredients always stand out from the competition. Avoiding additives and processed sugars commonly found in US products is one of NEFT’s unique selling points we are most proud of.

Elevate your taste

Embracing our Austrian roots and the spirit of Reinheitsgebot, NEFT Vodka is crafted with just two ingredients: mineral-rich Alpine spring water and non-GMO rye grains. We don’t take shortcuts or do things “the easy way” by modifying our vodka with sugars, flavors, or additives. Instead, we let the character of our high-quality ingredients shine.

Vodka can have a bad reputation for being a cheap, low-quality spirit — but it doesn’t have to be. When we embrace our Austrian roots, it’s with the knowledge and appreciation for quality, first and foremost. We don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, and we don’t think you do, either.

Experience the higher standard of traditional Austrian distillation for yourself whenever you open a barrel of NEFT Vodka. It’s time to elevate your taste. After all, you deserve it.