The History Behind NEFT Vodka

How Austrian Tradition Shapes Our Quality Spirit

Why Does NEFT Come in a Barrel?

Our iconic barrel was designed with vodka drinkers and sustainability in mind.

NEFT Staff Picks:
Top Cocktails for the Winter Holidays

The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and the winter holidays are just around the corner. Whether you’re throwing a big holiday party or just relaxing on a chilly afternoon, we’ve got the perfect cocktails to put you in the festive mood.

NEFT Spotlight:
The History of the Martini in Film & TV

The martini is a truly classic cocktail. Not only has it been around for more than a century, it has a classic feel to it.

NEFT Founder Spotlight:
Katya Kuzmina

Classic, simple, elegant, maybe even a little edgy - but definitely the highest quality. Katya Kuzmina’s original vision for NEFT was to create “the Prada of vodkas.”

Nerano and BG, LA:
James Estes

In the heart of Beverly Hills, you’ll find a little slice of the Italian coast. Nerano invites guests to experience Italian culture through coastal cuisine and an exceptional cocktail program created by chief mixologist, James Estes.


MiniBar takes on an Old Hollywood-era bar with a modern ethos. Headed by Jeremy Allen, Minibar transcends you into another time with classically inspired drinks.

Wildhawk, SF:
Karri Kiyuna

On its Mission corner commanding a spirited and lively atmosphere, Wildhawk, steered by Head Bird, Karri Kiyuna, is a beacon for cheeky cocktails with personality.

True Laurel, SF:
Nicolas Torres

Virginia Miller explores the creative vodka spirits of Nic Torres at TRUE LAUREL, dubbed one of Esquire's best new bars in 2018.

Redbird, LA:
Tobin Shea

Virginia Miller’s Bartender Spotlight takes a look at Redbird and Tobin Shea. Focusing on obscure international spirits, Shea goes aperitif-style with his NEFT cocktail, The Artisan Cup.